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Starting Point:  Atlanta

                                  The best place                                      to start is now.                                      Now is a “now”                                      none of us                                              dreamed of, and                                    forces one to be                                    totally present.                                      We are in a                                            pandemic, and I                                    have made the choice to isolate, and dive completely into the work I am meant to do during this time of “waiting”. What keeps me present, and relatively sane, are the music, and lyrics that flow through me, as I have not experienced before. I don’t feel alone, as isolated alludes to. Rather I feel that those who guide me, and always have, are with me. They protect, channel lyrics and music, and help me to feel that I can do this gig alone.

I have completed the songs needed for a show that is titled “Patchwork”. It is loosely based on my life, and those who either were solely connected to me, or who also had a connection to each other. I don’t know where this work will “land”: either as a film, or a show. It has its own trajectory, and I will observe as it finds the people who will “join the party”. There is a song in the show that I began writing just before we were all told to stay home, and our beautiful city was locked down. The lyrics seem to be addressing the pandemic: “What Now, the curtain’s closed. What Now, they all went home,” and yet it wasn’t. There’s another line seeming to address the Broadway “houses”: “What Now? The house is dark? What Now, it lost its spark. What Now?”. I still can’t sing it without crying. I remember the third verse was clearly written as I sit here and wonder about my life.

The Now:  NYC

It is now month

ten, and I have

just completed

the closing song

that is more like

a Rhapsody. It

is four and a

half minutes long:

addressing the

division in our country (and world), and how both sides need to be there for there to be a unity of all people, regardless of who they define themselves as. The only component that will cure the disease medically, and the disease socially, is love.

I am now experiencing the changes that have occurred during the fifteen-month isolation. It is equivalent to visiting another planet. The world has not come out of the pandemic, and in some ways it’s worse than before. I am
writing a book that is a timeless report of the shifts that continue to happen, and how I have endured despite the shifting. Political systems globally have been in
chaos. What is so strange is the vibration of the earth is rising incrementally since the pandemic began. This time is labelled “shadow” for it is a time of purging a lot of negativities on the planet. I am studying birds, and their “songs” as they communicate a different rhythm to their melodies. It is very possible that my audio book will have a bird song in it! I endure, along with all of you, for I know in my deepest self that the earth (Gaia) will heal Herself and us as well.

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