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Patchwork is a story about connections. These are characters who had a shared importance in the protagonist’s life. They all related to her, and to each other by default. Some had a direct connection to each other. As patchworks go, there are different sizes that display the type of connection each one has to the protagonist. There is one “soul mate” in the mix. They related as well as they could for five years. But with soul mates, sometimes they meet at an inopportune time, and the relationship won’t last. Patchwork ends where we are “sitting” now: in the middle of a pandemic. The characters take their patchworks and leave in the end, and the title character remains on stage, isolating, as we are now, and ending the show with “The Black and White” which relates to so many things. The main message is to see the “Black and White” in everything we do, and are to each other, to prevent any further deterioration of the planet and its inhabitants, mentally and physically.

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